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Perfectly Imperfect - Robson Ailsa
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Perfectly Imperfect - Robson Ailsa

  • Raw reflections on body image, mothering, love and loneliness (that you don't usually share)
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Do you wonder if you are ever going to feel 'good enough'?

Ailsa bares all in her raw journal entries written whilst raising her babies, often alone, due to her husband’s Fly In and Fly Out (FIFO) work commitments. She reflects on the golden and gut-wrenching moments of mothering and life, whilst contemplating how she feels about her relationships and her ever-changing body.

If you hate dieting and want to like yourself more, feel stuck in your own unrealistic expectations, and often care more for others than yourself; you are not alone.

Ailsa offers an alternative to striving to be the best version of yourself ‒ instead embrace your dodgy bits and give thanks.

This is Ailsa’s first book, originally written in the form of a private blog, as a cathartic escape from her ever changing life. This collection of raw reflections were never meant to be shared publicly but with hindsight it's apparent that Ailsa’s stories resonate with women as they ask themselves the universal questions am I good enough? and am I alone in my feelings?


Delve in and you will discover:

●             you are not alone

●             you are simply doing your best

●             and you do not need to apologise for your ‘imperfections’


Ailsa Robson is a water baby, incessant muser and writer, and someone who always looks for the silver lining. She lives in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, with her family and their feisty tabby cat. Ailsa is a passionate advocate for Health At Every Size® principles and shakes her tail-feather with joy, regardless of how big her butt is. She runs her own private psychotherapy practice, and can often be seen in less than sharp active-wear, during walk and talk therapy sessions with clients.


What readers are saying:

Through sharing her innermost thoughts, pain and internal conflict, Ailsa will unsettle you and challenge you at times. And she will offer valuable insights, which no doubt will play a part in the reader's own transformation.

~ Dr Cate Howell


I admire Ailsa for sharing her deeply personal story with others. Her journey has resonated with me on many levels and I know other readers will feel the same. It is raw, touching and inspiring.



Whether you are a self-awareness journey-person, someone who enjoys diary/blog reading or simply curious folk, this book helps to keep it real, and lets others in on life where we can all be less than perfect mums, friends, partners or lovers. The vulnerability shown is a strength because everyone is facing their own version of pain/trauma/trouble.



This book spoke to me. So much of what Ailsa wrote, I could relate to in my life. Not just the parts about body image and weight-loss and the struggle to be perfect but also when she spoke about marriage and the struggle to keep romance alive when you have young kids and your focus is elsewhere. I feel like I’ve made a new friend through reading this book.


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Robson Ailsa
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