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Butterfly Song -- A Woman's Journey Back Into Life - Evelyn Dahlke

Butterfly Song -- A Woman's Journey Back Into Life - Evelyn Dahlke

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Produkt dostępny
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A butterfly-this butterfly, Evelyn, has moved out of the painful cocoon of abuse to fly! Her memoir is a powerful testament to courage under fire.
What a testament of grace and guts! Evelyn's evolution into consciousness from victim to survivor to pastor is a witness to all who choose to walk away from abuse in any form.
Jan Bucher, Spiritual Director

In this captivating account of her escape from more than 20 years of domestic abuse, Evelyn Dahlke captures the intricacies of how a woman can be induced into a world of abuse.how she can lose herself and so identify with her abuser that she colludes with him to protect the secret of the abuse.
From naïve college student courted by a seemingly eligible male classmate to grown woman and mother of three groveling for survival in the mire of a farm yard, Dahlke walks the reader through the vivid details, sometimes horrific, of her tortuous journey to a place of hope. Using metaphor she holds the reader in the darkness of the chrysalis until the reader "squirms" impatiently for her to spread her wings and fly away....
I would recommend this book to anyone who truly wants to understand the seeming conundrum of how battered women become helpless, how they lose themselves and take on the reality of their abusers....
In this deeply personal and moving book Evelyn Dahlke has woven her current thoughts, her journal entries from years ago, her own poetry and the poetry of others into a seamless tapestry of pain and growth.
Janice Winchester Nadeau, Ph.D., Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist and Nurse, specializing in work with abuse and incest victims.

Evelyn's book has shone a light on a dark, often hidden world. It is a brave description of the combined hells of domestic abuse and isolation. Those who live in this place and those who help them should benefit by reading this account.
Dianne Lockman, Registered Nurse, Clinical Psychiatric Specialist

In an era when memoir tends to sensationalize trauma, Evelyn writes of her years in an abusive marriage in a manner that is humble and fearless. In the end, this is not Evelyn's story so much as a testimony to God's redemptive presence and the resilience of the human spirit.
Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, Writing Instructor at The Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis, MN

This is a must read for all professionals working in the field of intimate partner violence and domestic abuse. The book is an honest truth-telling of the battle for "life" and "future" an abused person faces as well as the deep physical and emotional struggle a victim of abuse must overcome. It stands as a reminder to professionals the full extent and impact violence has on the people we work with.
David Mathews, PsyD, LICSW, Director of Therapy, Domestic Abuse Project, Minneapolis, MN

EAN: 9781891386602
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Evelyn Dahlke
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