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Divine Truth Revealed From Beyond The Veil - Smith Donastine

Divine Truth Revealed From Beyond The Veil - Smith Donastine

  • A Journey of Spiritual Awakening in the Presence of GOD
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This book is about my individual understanding of an evolving relationship with GOD. The book is considered to be a bible companion for those who are hungry for a deeper level of wisdom and truth. It is written to help inspire its readers to help themselves, through GOD’s Word. As you read through and understand the teachings of the bible, you realize that it itself, is a spiritual self-help workbook, designed to guide us on our individual pilgrimage through the journey of our lives. Once we are energized by the Holy Spirit, we understand that the trials, tribulations, and adversities of our past were necessary, but they were not meant to be a blueprint for our future. They were meant to help us evolve into our real purpose for being here.

The purpose of this book is to take the reader on a journey of learning; to better understand spiritual wisdom and ultimately follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  The core focus is to help the reader enter a state of pondering ancient spiritual knowledge, for application to modern day living. It is aimed at helping the reader to raise their conscious awareness of things pertaining to their individual spiritual journey, and take a deeper look into the soul-self, by questioning the inner dialogue and the teachings from the past. It is intended for the reader to go beyond the limits of their current understanding of life’s issues as we now know them, and perceive them to be. I encourage the reader to be open-minded, and be willing to look at life, and its challenges from a fresh perspective. I also encourage the reader to be receptive and inspired by new information and awareness, and by this magnificent, and ever-evolving, spiritual universe. In conclusion, it is my sincere hope that, when you’re done reading the book, you would have learned the following: First, to honor GOD Almighty with all of your heart, mind, body, soul, spirit, consciousness, and countenance, and allow His divine essence to flow out from within you to bless this friendly universe continually. Learn how to renew or strengthen your on-going relationship with GOD. Learn how to gather new helpful insights through self-introspection, and apply that newfound wisdom to your outer daily activities and relationships. Learn how to eliminate doubtful fears, and walk boldly in your own GOD given path of destiny, to help make significant change for the betterment of self and others, and be inspired to help others through their life challenges. Learn how to build greater confidence in your own individual voice of wisdom, and let that inner voice speak your truth with conviction and self-assurance from the heart. Learn how to go beyond the fear, and challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone, and do that which you were called to do, in a purpose-filled life with no apologies and no regrets. Lastly, learn how to establish for your own precious soul, sacred time and space to connect with the divine inner You, the Christ, to seek truth, wisdom, and guidance for the times ahead. May the Grace of our LORD GOD fill each and every one of your lives eternally, and may you each feel His loving arms wrapped around you, both now and forever. Amen!  


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Smith Donastine
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