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Dreaming In The Hut - Mark Lichterman

Dreaming In The Hut - Mark Lichterman

  • A Tour Through The Garden Of Life
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Faced with the most challenging moment of his life, Mark Lichterman had to ensure his mind was in a state of positivity and gratitude. He would find his soul rejuvenated in the most unlikely place: His garden. Pull up a chair and sit beside the author as he shares lessons learned and secrets revealed to make us better people basking in magic and joy when we journey through the garden of life.

Wisdom. Insight. Perspective. Mindfulness. We all wish to approach the world around us with this sense of appreciation and confidence in how far we've come. So how can we live in this moment more often?

In his book, "Dreaming In The Hut: A Tour Through The Garden Of Life," Mark Lichterman uses his love of gardening and all its elements as a metaphor for love, relationships, sorrow, change and family. As you hear the stories of his journey, your self-awareness will grow as you are ever-more in touch with where your own journey has taken you today and where the story may continue tomorrow with an open heart and open mind. It all begins as you spend time with the author in the structure next to his garden, "Dreaming In The Hut."

Mark Lichterman has been a manager of one of the grittiest buildings in Chicago, struggled throughout his education, worked in the county morgue, and survived multiple near-death experiences - not counting the one in which part of his lung was removed due to cancer. So how did this man who took the worst that life had to offer...turn his disadvantages and tough circumstances around to possess a remarkably positive outlook, earn his degree, grow a wonderful family, have lifelong friends, see a variety of the world's treasured destinations, and become a philanthropist in his local community? Follow the journey with our author while he recounts his milestones "Dreaming In The Hut" to not only reveal the answer but to also take a moment, pause, reflect and recognize the beauty of your own fantastic path taken within the garden of life.

Keywords: Inspirational, Motivational, Self-Help, Happiness, Self-Improvement, Reflection, Personal Growth

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Mark Lichterman
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