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Dontrel's Tales - Murphy Dontrel

Dontrel's Tales - Murphy Dontrel

  • A Collection of Stories from Trelland
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Enter the World of Dontrel's Tales!

Do you like stories with action? Do you like fairytales? Do you like comedy? Whatever your taste might be, Dontrel's Tales has the story for you. Most of them take place in Trelland, a fictional country. Five islands make up the country, including an archipelago in the northwest. Clover Island has an area of 4,399 square miles. Axle Island has an area of 4,300 square miles. Lance, the largest island, has an area of 4,409 square miles. On Lance, the Supreme Mountain has an elevation of 2,227 feet, the highest point on Trelland. Falcon, the fourth island, has an area of 4,200 square miles. Saber, a narrow island, has an area of 3,311 square miles. The Low Islands and the High Islands, traditionally a part of Saber, form an archipelago near the northern shore of the island. Consisting of 12 islands, they differ by climatic region. The High Islands in the south have a tropical climate, and the Low Islands in the north have a moderate climate with light rainfall. Lagoons dot the coast of each island, and palm forests cover the interior region. The country has warm summers and cool winters. Rainfall averages between 5 and 12 inches a year, most of it between April and September. The population density is greatest near the coast.

Clover Wing, with a population of 121,600, is an important commercial city on the south of Axle Island. The climate is mild with an average annual temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The city's history begins in the 12th century C.E, not long after Trelland's unification. Throughout the city's history, Clover Wing has been a site of battles between chieftains who vied for power. After unification, the city became the center of government, intellect, and culture. Trading, banking, shipping, and industry are among the most important activities; Singing Dolphins, a port on Lance Island, is second in importance. In Clover Wing, the industries include food processing and cement plants, clothing factories, shoe factories, and tourism. Three avenues run through the city, collectively known as Trinity Way. The palace of the great chief sits in the middle of Clover Avenue, along with lush gardens. Powhatan, Trelland's Parliament, meets in the Council Hall on Wing Staff Avenue. The National Court resides on Arrowhead Avenue. Various stores, schools, and public buildings stand nearby.

The principal port and largest city, however, is Singing Dolphins, with a population of 205,200. As a whole, agriculture is the most important activity in Trelland. Palm oils, corn, and vegetables are the leading crops in the east; grains and rice grow in the west. The people also catch a lot of seafood, which constitutes the bulk of the people's diet. The major industry is the processing of agricultural products, and several mills extract palm oil. A number of plants pack seafood, which is the country's principal export.

Dontrel's Tales deals with folklore and legends. The stories depict the scenery of Trelland and the people who live there. I wanted to create a world from my imagination, a world of brave men and women with values, morale, and wit. In my book, I hope to give kids and adults a refuge where my characters can inspire them to dream, to hope, to laugh, and to think. I hope that you enjoy it.

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Murphy Dontrel
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