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Did He Say That? - Charles Sigel

Did He Say That? - Charles Sigel

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This book explores some of the ""difficult"" sayings of Jesus. They are ""hard"" sayings because through the centuries these sayings challenge the church and continue to challenge us. This study explores both how the church through its history has handled these sayings and what these sayings may say to us today. Over the centuries there have been many attempts to soften these saying to make them more palatable to the contemporary church. This book explores these alternatives while allowing the reader or class to come to their own answers about the meaning of these passages. Through careful examination of the wording, key terms, historical context, and the historical attempts to understand the ""hard"" saying, this book will allow the reader or class to explore the saying in greater detail and clarity. ""There are some passages of scripture that pastors tend to avoid if possible. Here Dr. Charles Sigel tackles these difficult passages with a clarity and wisdom that reflects his many years of teaching. This book will help any reader dig deeper into these difficult sayings of Jesus and see beyond various attempts over the years to mute their significance for our lives.""  --Herman Yoos, Bishop of the South Carolina chapter of the ELCA ""With the able assistance of Mitchell Mackinem, Sigel once again demonstrates why he is one of the most revered and popular teachers of the scriptures around. In this latest book he applies his characteristic erudition, pedagogical dexterity, and deep spiritual insight to some of the most difficult texts in the New Testament, inviting readers into prayerful reflection about them. I look forward to using this accessible and engaging text in my own classes.""   --Wayne C. Kannaday, Professor of Religion, Department of Humanities, Newberry College ""Those who studied with Sigel cannot forget his lectures. They were invariably engaging, challenging, and grounded in the best of scholarship and tradition, but never took students down old paths. Readers will find much of the same fresh engagement with the biblical passages in this little book, which is sure to be the springboard for engrossing conversation as well as a deeper understanding of these texts."" --H. Julian Gordy, Bishop, ELCA Southeastern Synod Charles Sigel is professor emeritus at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Columbia, South Carolina, where he taught Greek and New Testament. Since his retirement, Charlie Sigel has continued to teach both professional clergy and lay members through his many seminars and classes. Mitchell Mackinem is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Claflin University. He is a Sunday school teacher at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Columbia, South Carolina, with over twenty years of experience teaching adults and youth.

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