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Dreams & Dowsing - Rose Mia
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Dreams & Dowsing - Rose Mia

  • Dream Interpretation For Beginners - Uncover The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams & 30 Amazing Things You Can Do With Dowsing
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If you want to. Learn To Interpret the Hidden Meaning of Your Dreams from Amazon Best Selling Author Mia Rose then continue reading…


The dowsing state is the core of the dowsing process. It is an altered state that is different from the normal waking state of the brain and is characterized by not one brain wave, but four types simultaneously.


Have you ever woken with the feeling that the dream you've just had really meant something – but not been sure of the meanings behind the strange images in the dream? After a while you forget about it and continue to live your life. Millions of people also ignores the meaning of these dreams not knowing how to interpret them and their connections with their spiritual self.


Are you one of them?


Taking a “behind the scenes” look at dreams, this book will take you through all the basics of dream interpretation. From the dreams you should ignore to the dreams that matter, along with the most common signs or symbols found in many of our dreams.


The book draws on centuries of dream interpretation and meaning and explores the ways in which our dreams relate to our fundamental needs and desires. While our dreams are often “cluttered” with signs and symbols that are very unique to us, some have symbols and meanings that can be placed in a wider, human context.


We all have a sixth sense. It is our unconscious mind. When we activate it we become superhuman. We are clairvoyant, telepathic, can find lost objects, can talk to our pets, heal disease, peer into the future, re-charge crystals, and commune with the angels. In short we go beyond the confines of our 5 senses and our lives become a daily adventure. Psychic abilities are not restricted to a gifted few – we all have them and they are just waiting to be set free.


This book also includes...

  • The strange history of dowsing
  • What science, spiritualists and dowsers believe
  • Practical methods and tips to learn both types of dowsing
  • A list of different uses for dowsing and suggestions of how to use them
  • How the importance of dreams has been studied throughout history
  • Dreams in a psychological context
  • Which dreams matter and which dreams don't
  • How to use dreams to “tell the future”
  • The “rules” of dream interpretation


And much, much more!


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